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Friday, September 16, 2016

Leather products Cleaner and Restore Kit Leather Review #Leather

Leather Cleaner Kit Review 

Bottle of Leather Cleaner
 Bottle of Leather Conditioner & Restorer
 2-in-1 Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

Leather Nova was started with a goal to make the best leather care products, suitable for all types of leather surfaces. They partnered with the most efficient people that are passionate towards achieving a common goal: to produce the highest quality leather care products at a fair price. They only use high-grade polymers and premium ingredients in our conditioners and cleaners. Their products are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly, plus they are non-greasy and will not leave any film or residue behind. All of Their products include a complimentary applicator or microfiber towel, which allows for easy application.

In this photo, I Tried to split it down the middle for you can see the huge difference 

Leather Nova is a growing brand that formulates premier leather care products that are not only suitable for all types of leather surfaces, but at a fair price.

Amazing what it did to my Handbag,!! Wouldn't you agree?? After many hours it still looks good Yay!!

These three products by leathernova are amazing!! These three products are what I used to get this Handbag back to being shinny!!  Leather Cleaner!! Leather Conditioner!! Conditioner and Cleaner!! I couldn't wait to see what these Leather Nova Products would do to bring back the shine to my Leather Handbag!!  First I used the Leather Cleaner first and sprayed it on the microfiber towel that comes with this kit. I wiped the Handbag down. Omg!! It looked fabulous just doing that!! And then next I applied the Leather Conditioner and left it on for about an hour!! Then I wiped and buffed it away!! Conditioner and Cleaner I just applied it with the included pad and allowed it to dry for half hour!! Very easy peasy to use this set.. It made a 100% improvement to my Handbag, I was very happy and impressed with these Leather Nova Products!! Omg!! It looks brand new again 


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