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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Luster White Kit

Lets start out with about  info who this company is: 
Luster White Kit
This is the 1 hour kit, Minus the toothpaste doesn't come in the kit
You get many great coupons to save you on replace and toothpaste


Quit talking, Start Smiling!
Enhance your smile at a professional level with ZERO tooth sensitivity! Leading dentists have created a line of innovative at-home tooth whitening systems that are sure to bring the LUSTER back to your smile. These easy-to-use kits whiten teeth on your schedule - whether you have just 1 hour or 3 days. LPW also offers a daily whitening toothpaste, White 7, that contains 7 powerful whitening agents - double the whitening power than the leading brand & 45 essential oils called CitraneneTM for whole mouth health (also available in a Sensitive Teeth formula).

LPW products provide a virtual visit to a cosmetic dentist from the privacy and convenience of your own home. Available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, Winn Dixie, Meijer, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and, Luster Premium White makes it affordable to put the perfect tooth-whitening experience right into the palm of your hand, literally! 
Company Overview
Luster Premium White (LPW) brand provides the best in tooth whitening products by allowing consumers to use the latest technology available at the dentist right in their own home. The effectiveness of LPW’s Accelerator Mouth Rinse and patented Super Whitener are enhanced by the use of a light similar to the light your dentist might use for an in-office treatment.

LPW branded products are develop
ed by Dentovations and have been independently, clinically tested by a world leader in oral care testing. Clinical testing proved that LPW products whiten teeth up to six shades (average of five shades) with zero tooth sensitivity. Luster 1 Hour White is the only consumer whitening product to be FDA cleared. LPW is constantly working to bring consumers the best tooth whitening products available!

For more information on LPW products

Brush with NOW! Toothpaste for an instantly whiter smile:
  • ✦ Instantly whitens teeth after just one brushing
  • ✦ Contains Bluverite™, a propriety formula that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth
  • ✦ Removes surface stains with daily use
  • ✦ Gentle on teeth and safe for dental restorations
  • ✦ Comes with 3 convenient tubes for home, travel and on-the-go
  • ✦ Perfect for when your smile needs an instant boost   

OK, Now that you got the info on about the company and some of the product info, More importantly does it work, My answer to that is yes and no, Let me explain that a little, The kit is self explanatory very easy to swish this tasteless mouth wash around in your mouth for a 10 seconds, It comes with a plastic cup for a dose size, The luster super whitener is for painting every tooth, Leave it to dry for about 20 seconds, Then place the white gadget in your mouth for it is positioned to the front of your teeth, Turn on the blue light for whitening effect to take place. Its great because you don't have to time nothing, It has its own build in 2 minute timer, That will shut off after2 min. It will beep letting you know it done. You will need to repeat all three of these steps for a total of 10-20 applications. 

OK here are some things I think are important, Number one the kit does contain what you need to achieve some whitening of your teeth, The one thing I would change in this kit, Or have it written in the instruction, You should always apply vitamin E to your gums and lips to keep the luster super whitener  from causing any burning to the delicate skin there. Second is I never can understand why the brush you use to apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Always is a clear brush, To me its hard to know how much is really getting on the teeth, I think and this is my personal opinion that the tip of the brush should be a different color that way you know you are seeing how much whitening gel is getting on the teeth. 

These are some of their toothpaste you can use to keep your teeth white

Over all opinion I do think this works for helping whitening the teeth, But only if you follow the direction to the 10-20 applications, That does seem like a lot of application to achieve some whitening, But the best thing about this kit is you can do it at home, Its not going to cost you as much as it would at a dentist office. I do believe some people will see big change in their teeth, Especially if they have never used a teeth whitening kit before. You also should avoid things that will stain your teeth for 24 hours, like coffee, teas, berries, red wines, ketchup, cola, no smoking, soy sauces, Just about anything that will stain them, I found I really do like the toothpaste and results I get from it. Over all you must give it a try to see what you think. xoxo

Fore more info

Another thing I liked about this kit it is sold in retail stores, Big plus their Find that info here, 

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.This my opinion of luster premium white