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Showing posts with label Meow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones @MpowFans #technology #earbuds #bluetooth. Show all posts

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones @MpowFans #technology #earbuds #bluetooth

Bluetooth earbuds:
They stay put in your ears, They don't bounce off , and don't squeeze my head or ears or pull on my hair!! They look good and fit comfortable without any pain in my ears, I Love that. They stayed in my ears while running on the treadmill. They don't push on my upper ears in any uncomfortable way. What You will get in the box, are three silicone ear tips. Small, medium, Large, They stay in place once put on. the sports headphones are pretty flexible and durable. Microphone port, Charging Port, Volume buttons + and - Please note all the buttons are located on the right side!! You will either love that or hate that lol they do sound great while playing my music, the bass is very nice on these, sound is very crisp and clear!  They do a good job of blocking  out some background noises!! the distance for the Bluetooth seem to works great. Bluetooth is very Easy Peasy to pair. There is a red light on them. To let you know they are being charged. It turn green when fully charged!! They seem to stay charged a long time. Good battery life... That's is a huge plus for me!! You can workout and build up a sweat with these. And not have to worry about ruining them. Yay!! Light weight. Making them good for workouts, Sports, or just anytime use. Easy breezy to travel with. It seem to be very compatible with my iPhone 6. They worked well with that. How long they will last is Anybody guess. But to me they seem to be made very well. I like that they don't pull on my long hair!! I have been using them everyday now on vacation. With no problems. I would say if you are looking for a good pair that will handle your workouts and stay put in your ears and pack a lot of comfy while wearing them.. I would recommend these Sport headphones 

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