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Monday, June 27, 2016

Northern California Great America Theme Park Review: #GreatAmerica #USFamiyGuide #family @CAGreatAmerica

Northern California Great America Theme Park Review:

Great America Theme Park!! There is lots of fun for all ages of your family at cagreatamerica in Santa Clara Ca. They have many kids rides like the New Planet Snoopy Rides for your kids!! and lot of thrill seeker rides!! They have games area to win stuff toys and so much more!! The prices of food and water is a bit much, But hey it is a theme park that's to be expected, You will not be able to bring in food and drinks, you will be checked and scanned with a Scan tool for Safety reason, and that is a good thing!! Plenty of Parking and the cost of parking is 15 dollars on the Sun the day we all went there!! Parking is closed on all 49er games on the Sunday they play at Levi Stadium!! They have strollers to rent.
The rides are very fun and some are pretty darn scaring lol, Always something going on at Great America, Fun for the whole family, The rides range is Low Thrill Rides, Mid Thrill Rides, Intermediate Rides, High Thrill Rides, Aggressive Thrill Rides, And trust me some are Super duper fast and well lets say they make you scream for sure, It was Hot there, But they have water rides, oh heck yes!  
Great America is a huge theme park!! So much to do and see. They have live Entertainment and so much more!! So hope to go back and bring you more pics and pick up some t-shirts and more stuff they sale their etc. Check out the pics of media trip to Great America Theme Park!! So look for my Social Media post everywhere, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Including, Videos, photos. 
If there was one thing I would ask them to add is more Shading Sitting areas. Northern Calif. is a very Hot place in the Summer months
They don't have a lot of sitting area with shade, and in that heat you need them.  
My trip to Great America Santa Clara Ca. #GreatAmerica #USFamiyGuide California's Great America is the Bay Area's most exciting theme park and the best choice for world-class family fun and entertainment! Thrill seekers shoot down Gold Striker, the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California with the longest initial descent tunnel on any coaster. Aerial Ice Extreme (as seen on Season 8 of America's Got Talent) is a brand-new, high-energy, aerial, stunt and ice show with an incredible cast of ice skaters and acrobat gymnasts! California's Great America is the only theme park in California to offer a Complete Water Park Inside - free with park admission, Boomerang Bay. In fall, Great America transforms into the ultimate Halloween extravaganza featuring 8 mazes, ghoulish monsters, 3 scare zones and shows. The 100-acre theme park is located on Great America Parkway between highways 101 and 237 in Santa Clara, CA. 

Trust me this place Great America is just getting started with all the New things to come.You don't want to miss what coming next. Please enjoy the pictures.

Great America is known for its thrill rides, but they pride themselves on a being a park for everyone. Enhancing Planet Snoopy and introducing three attractions parents can ride with children adds to our inclusive family atmosphere, It will only grow bigger with so much more throughout the year.

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Big thank you to these two people who put this all together for us bloggers!! 
At Great America Theme Park
 They know how to make a blogger feel welcome with all their amazing hospitality. 
What a well thought out organization they have. 

Thanks you for all the Foods, Gifts, Fun day at your theme park xoxo


Great America will thrill you 

THANK YOU, USFamilyGuide!! 
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