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Monday, December 5, 2016

Nutri Ninja DUO Bowl @NutriNinja #NutriNinja #Kitchen #Smoothies

Review Nutri Ninja DUO Bowl 

This Nutri Ninja DUO Bowl  does it all, We used it to chop onions and garlic for a pizza and so much more, also made the dough in the DUO Bowl, it mixed the dough very well with the fusion Dough setting. blended all the smoothies we made with the Smooth setting, This is an multi functional machine like a blender and food processor build into one kitchen appliance. This Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO can do it all. Seriously takes all the guess work out for you. And having a extract button to break down the hard seeds. Like almonds, walnuts, and the veggies with the stems. Yes, I would say this is power house machine, Knowing what button to use for any meal your making or any drink you make. Light up buttons are very nice. The buttons are large enough for anyone to read. Just a push of a button. And you can cut out any hard work. It is a Ninja and we know they have lots of power. I also used it for making homemade applesauce. I actually like it better than my food processor. What! I never thought I would say that. Well, It does work good for small qualities, Like for when you just need a food processor. It chopped my apples and made it as smooth as I wanted them to be. 
Very impressed with this Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO and how effortlessly it chopped up the ice cubes, veggies, any fruit we put in it, It also did a great job shredding all the chicken breast. I feel like there are so very many possibilities with this machine, plus it has the drizzle hole to pour in ingredients without having to take off the lid. I can't wait to try more recipes from this amazing easy cookbook. The 75 page Cookbook is so easy to read and follow the recipes. I like the way they wrote these recipes out. Makes life easy having this Cookbook. For anyone just learning how to make Smoothies. Granola bars, Pizza dough, Sorbets. Etc. Easy to follow directions. 
Really like having the Auto - iQ Boost. It adds time to any of the other Auto buttons. 
The Boost button will toggle from Yes to No Yes, give you a creamy consistency. No gives it more of a texture one. 
Works great and a nice feature to have. Personal blender double as a to go cup Use the smaller Size cups for individual or smaller portions or, use the big vessel for the family. 
Oh and It wont move around on the counter at all- thanks to the very powerful suction grips on the feet of this Nutri Ninja DUO Bowl. 
We also like how easy it cleans up and how quickly it makes many types juices. Also, Everything is dishwasher safe!! Big plus there. Powerful, sturdy, versatile, easy to clean And fits under the cabinets on the counter top. Another plus.
This thing is a beast that can take whatever you throw at it. Also, If you want to use frozen fruits the Ninja blades help break down frozen ingredients in seconds. For best results, use one of the Auto-iQ button programs. Digital Timer will help keep track of when the Auto iQ are complete. The timer will display how long the machine has been running. 
Also you can take any of your juices on the go, And all the Cups and lids are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Yes, Dishwasher safe! Also, No worries the Cups will fit in most car cup holders. That is always nice to have. Because when you travel a lot. Trust me you need them to fit. 
And because this Nutri Ninja machine has a 1200- Watt Motor base, It will breaks down all the ingredients for Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction. It helps to make a very healthy natural drinks. Healthy living! 
Side note we made homemade pizza dough. I find that it makes up to a one pound dough. But it did a good job making my dough. All all it worked with everything we tested out on it. Trust me we spend the weekend trying many things in it as seen in pics. We even did some fancy smoothies etc..
Everyone love all the stuff we made in it. We had people over for the weekend football games etc. It's a power house machine. Auto iQ technology is basically Pre- timed aromatic setting. Nice feature. We even had guest who want to buy one for themselves now. 
The 3 Nutri Ninja Cups are sized 20 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz. they all have Sip and Seal Lids. Remember to always stack in the blend to go cups, Stack all the ingredients in the cup. Make sure to stack hard to soft and then add your liquids. It breaks them down easier. You can add like ice and then your fruits, veggies etc. don't overfill the cups. This Nutri Ninja Does what it was designed to do, You dont have to worry about wiping finger print marks off of this machine yay!! Recommend it to everyone. 

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