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Showing posts with label Planting time with #Marigolds #Plants to keep #Mosquitoes away #natural #healthyliving. Show all posts

Monday, April 18, 2016

Planting time with #Marigolds #Plants to keep #Mosquitoes away #natural #healthyliving

It is that time of year. Spring and Summer bring in all those annoying bugs of all kinds. Like mosquito's etc, 
So I always try to get a head start and plant those smelling yellow colored marigolds plants lol they smell awful in my opinion, but they do help keep the pesky annoying mosquito's away!! Marigolds have been a huge help in my backyard. So I leaned to love them after all, We hang out in the backyard at the pool at night. No one wants mosquito's bites!! 
Marigolds to keep mosquitoes away is a natural way to help keep them off of you skin. I am not a fan of spraying pesticides or anything on me to keep them away. Tiki torches and Marigolds have been a huge advance to keeping the Bugs away. That is why I wanted to share this info. 
For anyone wanting to get a head start at planting them. Natural is always the best way in my opinion. Plus Marigolds are so cheap to buy. And they produce so many seeds. So when the plant is all dried up. I just take the seeds and spread them in other pots and put them on my deck. You also can save them for the next year in a baggie etc. Marigolds are easy to plant and to keep alive. You don't need a green thumb to grow them..
Marigolds prefer full sunlight and trust me we get very hot in the summer here. You can find them at your local stores, Walmart, Target .lowes 
I was surprised how many people I talked to never heard of Marigold Plants. 

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