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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pregnancy - A Sensational Journey #Pregnancy #health

Pregnancy - A Sensational Journey  #Pregnancy #health 

Pregnancy is that wonderful period in a woman’s life when she spends each and every day in pleasant anticipation, waiting to hold her bundle of joy in her arms at the end of the ninth month. Everything feels rosy and she enjoys every bit of pampering that she gets from her husband, in-laws, and parents. Every woman hopes for a normal pregnancy and normal delivery so that she can cradle and nurse a healthy baby. There is a lot of information everywhere, but we provide the same logically and simplistically for the benefit of the mothers-to-be. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy can empower a woman with the ability to stay in control all the time and to experience the transition to motherhood without any untoward incidents. So, just sit back, relax, and browse through these pages of wisdom. Get your husband to read them too. After all, even he has the right to cherish every moment on his way to fatherhood! 

Pregnancy - A Sensational Journey

The Journey... First Month The fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, some of these cells will grow into your baby and some into placenta. Baby's heart, digestive system, backbone and spinal cord begin to form. Tiny spots for ears, eyes and nose exist and arm and leg buds are forming now. Your baby's heart begins beating around the 25th day. Your baby at this stage is 1/4th inch long. Second Month Your baby continues to develop internal organs. The arms and legs will start to lengthen and tiny finger and toe buds begin to form. Eyelids form but remain closed. Your baby's heart has started functioning now. The inner ear begins to develop. The genitals begin to develop. Your baby's eyes and ears are beginning to form and teeth buds are also forming. By the end of the month, all major organs and body systems have begun to develop. At the end of the eighth week your baby will be around one inch long. Third Month The face is formed with thirty two teeth buds. All internal parts are formed but are not fully developed. Arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes are fully formed. There are even nails at the end of the fingers and toes. The skin is almost transparent. Bones and muscles begin to grow. Cartilages, bones and the muscles are forming rapidly. The intestines begin to form. The backbone is soft and it can flex. Your baby's heart rate can be heard at 10 weeks with a special instrument called a Doppler. At the end of twelfth week your baby will be around 3.5 inches long. Fourth Month Your baby's face is well developed now. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and fingernails form. The outer ear begins to develop and your baby may be able to hear some sounds. Your baby is developing reflexes, such as sucking and swallowing and may begin sucking thumb. The skin is wrinkled and the body is covered with a waxy coating and fine hair. The placenta is fully formed. Sweat glands are forming on palms and soles. Kidneys are functional now and begin to produce urine. In the end of sixteenth week, your baby will be around 6 to 7 inches long. Fifth Month Your baby has become very active and you may be able to feel some of the movements. Baby sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. Baby's eyelids are still closed. Hair begins to grow on baby's head. The baby develops a coating of vernix caseosa- a white greasy substance that protects the skin of the developing foetus. The fingernails are beginning to grow. Baby's organs are growing and developing. The gall bladder begins to produce bile that is needed to digest nutrients. At the end of the twentieth week your baby will be around 8 inches long and weigh one pound. Sixth Month Your baby can now open and close eyes, frown and even hear sounds inside you. The brain is rapidly developing. The lungs are completely formed but are yet not functioning. Baby's unique fingerprint and footprint patterns have formed. Skin is covered with protective coating called vernix. Baby can cough and hiccup, which you may feel as knocking movements. Your baby at the end of twenty four weeks will be 15 inches in length and weighs around 1-1.5 pounds, big enough t be felt when your abdomen is examined. Seventh Month Baby's movements are more frequent and vigorous. Your baby can sense light and dark in the uterus. Baby now kicks and stretches. Baby can make grasping motions and responds to sound. Taste buds have developed. Organs are maturing. Skin is still wrinkled and red. The brain and the nervous system are developing rapidly. Your baby's heartbeat might be heard by another person placing an ear on your abdomen. At the end of twenty eight weeks your baby is 14 inches in length and weighs around 2.5 to 3 pounds. Eighth Month Your baby is growing and the kicks are felt much more strongly. The bones continue to harden but the skull remains soft and flexible for delivery. Your baby now can hear sounds from outside your body. Taste buds develop and the foetus can taste sweet and sour. Skin is less wrinkled. Fingernails now extend beyond fingertips. Baby will settle in a position for birth. With the major developments completed, the foetus gains weight very quickly. At the end of thirty two weeks, your baby is about 18 inches in length and weighs about 5 to 6 pounds Ninth Month Baby is now fully developed and can survive outside the mother's body. The baby usually turns into a head-down position towards the cervical opening with its feet up under mother's ribs. The baby may seem quieter because there is less space to move. There are periods of sleep and activity. The organ systems have finish maturing. The skin is less wrinkled. The lungs mature and are ready to function on their own. Sleeping patterns develop. Skin is pink and smooth. Your baby now at the end of thirty six weeks is 19 to 22 inches long and the weight is about 7 to 7-1/2 pounds.