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Showing posts with label Review INGA Koren Kiss On Lip Tattoo #liptattoo NGA #Lip #cosmetics #koreanbeauty #inga #08L #08liter. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review INGA Koren Kiss On Lip Tattoo #liptattoo NGA #Lip #cosmetics #koreanbeauty #inga #08L #08liter

Review INGA Koren Kiss On Lip Tattoo 

Well, Let just start by saying this Kiss on Lip Tattoo was fun to try, When I first saw this Koren Lip Kiss Tattoo on 0.8L I really was looking forward to trying it. Now that I have tried it, Here are some tips.. That I personally learn while using Peel off lip Tattoo, while using these type of Lip Peel Off Tattoo. First You must have clean exfoliated lips, Because these Lip Tattoo that peel off can be drying to the lips, Second and this does help, I know because trial and error lol apply a second coat on your lips, It makes it so much easier to peel off your lips. One layer it is hard to peel off, The stain wears off quick, well mine did. But I only left mine on for 5 minutes, It tingles a bit also. Because this is a Koren makeup line, There are no directions in English, So you must try again and again. it reminds me of the consistency of when I make fruit roll ups, if you know what I mean lol, Now lets talk about the applicator of this product, In my opinion it should be a sponge application, this is a brush on, Brush on makes it very difficult to get it perfect on the lips, Because all lips are not always the same, we all have flaws, So any type of brush on applicators are not good for applying on lips. So I am most likely going to try this again, and leave it on a bit longer to see if I get a longer stain effect. 

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