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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review Ozeri 8 in. Green Earth Frying Pan #fryingpan #Kitchen

Review Ozeri 8 in. Green Earth Frying Pan: 

Ozeri 8 in. Ozeri Smooth-Ceramic-Non-Stick-Coating Green Earth Frying Pan with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free) We mostly needed a non-stick pan, mostly for eggs and smaller foods. This 8 inch is perfect to make a egg omelette in. I didn't experience any sticking, Omelette came out with no sticking, We always use a bit of virgin coconut oil in our pans. This Pan has a nice handle on it. That textured bottom? It is designed to deliver enhanced heat distribution and superior non-stick performance without ever releasing harmful fumes or toxins. Making it much healthier to cook food in. The ceramic coating is scratch resistant and easy to clean up, This is a nice non stick Green Ware Pan, I like that this pan has non textured in it. It seems that pans that are textured in the cook service, everything stick after awhile. with this pan you shouldn't have any problem of that happening. nice thing is about this pan is its non-toxic and safe to cook and eat the food. with all non- stick pans its important to Not turn the flame on high and to Not put them in a dishwasher or use any abrasive sponges, that's how they continue to stay non -stick otherwise in time they may stick, just treat your pans with TLC It comes with a full warranty They come in different sizes, Like 8inch, 10inch,12inch, They have this special coating that helps the life spam of your pans. I like how all my foods that we have cooked in it slides right out of the pan!! Like a non stick should. I believe that if you take good care of this ozeri Green Earth Pan. I believe it will last you a very long time. I don't put my pans in the dishwasher that are non stick, The only ones I ever put in the dishwasher our my stainless steel, But the non stick wash them with dish washing soap and use a non abrasive pad! seriously it is very easy peasy to clean them up. My only thing is I wish the Green Earth Pans came in a variety of colors for the kitchen. But maybe they will in the future, we all love to have them match our decor. I highly recommend this Green Earth Ozeri Pan!! you can use it on Gas stove or electric stove. The heat distribution is even heating! Very nice looking and nice and sturdy without being to heavy, and probably the best news is you can dumb your old toxic Teflon pans and save your health with this Pan.
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