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Monday, January 30, 2017

Review Ozeri Popcorn Maker #popcornmaker #natural #healthy #amazon #ozeri

Review Ozeri Popcorn Maker 

What I like about Ozeri popcorn maker. Well, first off I really like the red color. It goes great in my kitchen. Also 
Ozeri Popcorn Maker is a healthy way to eat popcorn.
I like that you can make this popcorn as healthy as you want it to be. I gave up microwave popcorn. I don't like the ingredients in Microwave popcorn.
I do like that this Ozeri popcorn maker has an on and off switch. And how easy it is to use this and how fast it pops my popcorn!
The first time use, I would recommend you turn it on with no popcorn kernels in it. Open a window, Because you know how electronic techno gadgets! Have New smells, always have that stinky smell at first use. You just need to let it run a bit to get that smell to go away. It happens with all electronic products.
This popcorn maker is great for making at home popcorn for movie nights etc.
it is so fast and makes amazing popcorn. Great for snacking on.
It also has a a plastic cover, the cover just sits on the popcorn unit. measuring cup comes with it. Also doubles as a place to melt your butter/ oils etc. personally I prefer to use my microwave to melt mine. But you have that option to use the cup.
You will need a large bowl to catch the popcorn as it comes out the chute.
You will see sometimes some popcorn kernels left behind. Not a biggie. Just need to empty the seed that didn't get popped! Not many. Most of them got popped.
They may continue to pop when the popcorn machine is off. So be careful of that.
But for the most part this Ozeri popcorn maker works great. I have enjoyed making different varieties of popcorn in it. Little bit of directions here.
When ready, plug in the Ozeri popcorn maker, it will turn on automatically, spinning the kernels as it heats them up.
As the popcorn starts popping, it goes up and out the shoot, You will need to place a Large bowl under the popper at the end of the shoot. Or trust me the popcorn will shoot everywhere lol and you don't want that to happen. Turn the switch off when done. And enjoy your popcorn. Let the Ozeri popcorn maker cool down. It does Cool down quick. And then you can put it away for the next time you want popcorn. I like everything about this popcorn maker. 
You can buy yours here

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