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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review Soniclear-Anti-microbial-Skin-Cleansing-System @Michaeltoddskin #Soniclear

Review Soniclear-Anti-microbial-Skin-Cleansing-System 


Ok, lets just jump right in here and tell you the main important difference this Skin System Soniclear brings to the market, Besides the look and fabulous color!! In my opinion it is what make this Skincare System the top leader in the Skincare Cleansing system! The fact that this system has Anti - Microbial Skin Cleansing System, I have to tell you how big that is in a Skin Care Cleansing System, That was one of my pet peeve with my original Clarisonic is the amount of bacteria that could grow on the brush and the stains etc.. I personally would leave it sit in the sun light in my window after it was washed and cleaned. OMG! Even my Sonic toothbrush has an ultrasonic cleaning system

Ok but then this company comes along I personally never heard of michaeltoddtrueorganic but so glad I did now!! So glad I am getting to review this company product to bring it to all my readers!! You all know how I am huge fan on keeping our skincare routine using the best Organic, Natural, Botanical product possible, Now keep in mind that is one of the best thing you can do for your skin!! But if you are using a product that returns bacteria into your skin again. I say it is not worth it. 

Not the case with this Skincare System Soniclear michaeltoddtrueorganics found away to keep the skin healthy glowing and all together Bacteria Clean, No harmful bacteria will enter the skin with this Skincare system Soniclear, it works great for cleaning deep into your pores and leaving your skin soft!! It system has 6 speeds, 3 for the facial brush and 3 for the body brush!! Very easy peasy to use, When you first receive it.. Charge it until all LED Lights are on!! I charged mine over night like 24 hours will do!! You will get anywhere between 25 to 35 uses before needing to charge it again, For me I just leave it on the charger base while using it at home!! I really wish it did come with a Cute Carry bag for the brush heads and the charger base that would make it much easier for me for trips etc. 
Oh well maybe they will come out with that later on :)

OK then it very simple to put on the brush head and take off the brush head!! Simple push down clockwise and it will snap right into place, I know it is kinda hard to visualize what I mean!! But it is easy to remove as well.. Having the cap helps alot.. Soniclear has its own cover cap to go over the brush heads for body and face. It is always important to cleanse your face day and night exfoliating the dead skin cell to renew the new ones!! Your skincare products will absorb a lot better by using this high technology of the Soniclear brushes!! It can be used on Sensitive skin, you don't need to press hard on your face, The brush heads are soft and gentle enough with the 3 speeds on this Soniclear to allow the brush to just glide over the face and decollete area with getting right into cleansing the pores!! I also would recommend taking off your makeup before using the brush, That is just something I do personally I think it helps to not have all that makeup on the brush!! But please remember to use a good natural cleanser!! And trust me not everything that says it is Organic, Natural is true, Read the ingredients and google what you don't know seriously you want your skin to stay as youthful and healthy as it can!! Staying away from artificial and dyes and all the other junk out there in the products. 
What comes with this Soniclear is the Rechargeable Cradle and Power Cord, Two Brush Heads one for Body and one for Face, Instruction Pamphlet, 
It is Waterproof for the shower use or in your sink yay!! 
It also has these nice hand grips that keep it from slipping out of your hands that is Sweet!! Great idea there, Right? Has also a nice pulse setting. And when you change the brush heads the machine knows what head is being used to change the speed, sweet!! Giving you better cleansing with the larger brush head for when using it for the body it is faster Speed!! But hey it is a bigger area so faster is good!!  Plus it has Speed indicator lights, meaning the lower light is for sensitive skin, and the top speed light is for combination and normal skin use, And trust me you will be able to see a speed difference!! To achieve the highest cleansing use both lights on!! It also has a beep feature while cleansing that just allows you to know to move the brush! It has 20 min beep in between and will shutoff in about one minute use!! But if you are not done with cleaning,  Just turn the power button back on It is not Rocket science lol The body brush has one beeps every 60 seconds and will keep cleaning for about 3 min or so!! And thats about it on the use and benefits of this fabulous Skincare Soniclear System 
I Razzledazzlestyles Received this from a PR Company and highly recommend this product. 5 Stars and keep in mind this is my opinion, But you wont know yours until you buy one for yourself!! And I recommend you really do!! You will have years of use out of this Soniclear!! You have any question please ask:) Very Nice Color to xoxo

It is also nice to know you can buy
 Anti-microbial-Skin-Cleansing-System with this Special Discount Yay!!

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**If you are asking yourself do I need and want this Sonicare System? Your answer should be YES  for sure. It will help improve your skin with every use. Keeping that healthy glow to your skin. Plus the company is offering you all a 20% will makes sweet Christmas gifts for anyone?? xoxo

Soniclear includes:
  • 1 Soniclear Device
    1 Facial Brush Head with Cover
    1 Body Brush Head with Cover
    1 Charging Stand
    1 Charging Cord

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.