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Showing posts with label Schwartz Probiotics Review #HealthyLiving #Probiotics #health #IBS #Diverticulitis #Pancreatitis #immunesystem #Giveaway. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Schwartz Probiotics Review #HealthyLiving #Probiotics #health #IBS #Diverticulitis #Pancreatitis #immunesystem #Giveaway

Schwartz Probiotics Review:

Probiotic are very important to get into the habit of taking daily for everyone, Young or older. Unlike the Bad bacteria that causes diarrhea, fever and many other symptoms! Probiotics are live microorganisms that may improve your health and boost your resistance to some illnesses. Many people suffer from Diverticulitis, Pancreatitis, IBS, Low Immune system, Leaking gut syndrome just to name a few. I can't stress enough how important I believe in Probiotics. I tell everyone I can about them, Yes, even in the stores. I am amazed how many people never heard of them. 
They are known to help with intestinal health! Our bodies take in bad Bacteria from process and sugars and a lot more foods.
Probiotic work by maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut and supports normal digestive functions.. Lots of people have issue with bloating and digestive issues or acid reflex, Probiotic will support the immune system, and that is important especially for people who get sick a lot. Hello, Its flu season, Better to start taking Probiotics. 
Probiotics can improve your overall health! The healthy way, You know how you eat yogurts with live bacteria in them, don't get me wrong I eat yogurts too.
But the one thing I don't like about getting my Probiotic that way, Is they put so much sugar or artificial sugars in the yogurts that is very unnecessary to do I think.
I do eat Plain Greek yogurt, and add wild local honey to it, along with walnuts, dates, sometimes cut up fruits, and just started adding pumpkin in it, Yummy! Plus yogurts don't have enough Probiotics in them, to make a huge difference.
Schwartz Probiotics is 40 Billion CFU to supports gastrointestinal and immune health, while maintains normal balance of healthy bacteria, Supports normal inflammatory response. There are many benefits to taking a Probiotic daily,  Especially all the process foods many take in daily etc. Start Making Probiotics a habit.. Probiotics don't become a permanent part of your body flora.
That is why you have to take them every day or every other day, These come in capsule form! So easy to open and sprinkle on food!! If you prefer to take them that way! For myself I prefer to swallow them. It says take two a day! I usually take one a day, I may try two next week a day, sharing is caring!! Healthy gut means healthy body!! Great shelf life on these probiotics no need for refrigerator these schwartzbioresearch Probiotics. 
Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotic 40 Billion CFU’s is a powerful blend of 4 scientifically studied Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains and 40 billion colony forming units (CFU’s). High Quality Strains to Guarantee Potency until Expiration We guarantee high-quality, shelf stable probiotic strains which maintain at least 10 billions CFU until expiration date and survive harsh stomach acids to reach the intestinal tract where they exert their greatest benefits. Most probiotics have weak strains that don't survive the shipping and storing processes, let alone stomach acids and bile. Some manufactures are even offering probiotics with a coating full of chemicals so the weak strains won't die in the stomach. We are some of the very few who can guarantee potency until expiration date, the strength of our probiotic lies in the high quality strains we work with, not in artificial coatings. Made Only with Natural Ingredients Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotics are Vegetarian and Gluten-Free. Our supplement is FREE of lactose, soy, wheat, nuts, iron, sugar, chemicals and artificial colors. Each Lot is Extensively Tested The potency, purity and content of each batch of probiotics are extensively analyzed by professionals before its release. The ingredients in our products are 100% natural, and we use no binders or fillers of any sort. Long Shelf Life & No Refrigeration Necessary Our high-quality probiotic supplement is shelf stable and doesn’t need refrigeration; and it has a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of 
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