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Monday, December 21, 2015

Secret hair extensions review #amazon #wigs #hair

Secret hair extensions are so easy to put on. I just separated the top portion of my hair, Once that was up and out of the way, I put the extensions on, adjusted the string to fit my head comfortably, trimmed the extra string off, and let my hair back down. You can't even see the string or see where your real hair stops and the extensions end. Now having said that, I really think you would need two hair extensions to really get the full effect of thicker hair, Clearly the middle parts looks shorter in this hair extension.. Because if that's the look you want with this hair extensions. I personally think two should be sold together. All and all if feels like somewhat hair. as you see in the picture, I braided with my own hair. I found that the best way to wear this Hair Secret extension. I would say buy and try it for yourselves if you want longer hair. They come in a variety of colors to match your hair.. I am assuming this hair extensions would work better for people with layered hair, or shorter hair styles 

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