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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Selfie Stick, HAWEEL Wired Extendable Handheld Selfie Monopod ClampMount for #iPhone 6, #iPhone 6 Plus #Android #Amazon

We all know how everywhere you need a selfie stick, especially for those times you need a a lot of people in the shot, Or like me you need to shoot a fashion wear for a Company. and No one is there to take a pic of you, wearing the products!! but just not any selfie stick will do. this one has a velvet draw string bag to store it in, It makes it very nice to store in your car or purse, To use when needed.. as you can see this will surprise you with its, Pole that  extends to about 2 to 3 feet!! Has an amazing remote shutter and no more worries of having to stop a stranger to take a family Picture, your phone will sit secure in its holder,and how cute is this? they come variety of colors Now how cool is that? and it works fabulous you just need to get started with It is easy to carry around and easy to set up, just be sure to plug in the cord into the headphone jack area. that's what makes the shutter take the pictures. Make sure its all the way into the Headphone jack!! I know that is important because I found that out when trying it out for myself, Make sure you use the pole to extent your photo shots It will start snapping your photos..Selfie Stick is Plug & Play battery free. Insert via your smartphones earphone jack. No charging required. Use anywhere anytime! Enjoy unlimited photography! Universal Fit for most smartphones, cellular phones, Fold able tripod, makes the stick more stable when taking a picture Phone clip allows 90 degree rotation, that is a nice feature on this selfie stick!! Rotate the stick to lock or unlock when you pull it to a length you can take a photo from any angle and any distance. 

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