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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Skincare serum #skincare #natural #Organic #essentialoils #amazon #antiaging

Skincare Serum Amazon Review:
Packed full of part organic and part all Natural ingredients. That in my book already makes it a winner. Once you start using this product on your face day and night.  I have been using this product for a weeks now, and can see and feel a difference. 
And I don't say that a whole lot about many serum. Until I use them for a good month. Because I am firm believer all skincare takes time to do it's magic, like improving your skin tone and all around texture, And the nice thing about using this serum. First and foremost It has an amazing heavenly scent to it. 
And a little goes a long ways. It feels like almost a silky feel to it. And it is None Sticky!! Big plus there, has a Dark bottle. Having a dark bottle is very important, especially when their are essential oils and organic oils in the product. Because it keeps the light from diluting your ingredients and spoiling them.
They last longer in a dark bottle and keep their potency much longer, So this company thought of everything! When putting these Natural Organic Serum together.

These ingredients are the new anti aging must have. Well, really these ingredients have been around for a long time. It's just now people our starting to take better care of their skin better, by using Natural and Organic products. 
I have said this many times. Just because it says it's all natural on the front of the bottle. Always check the back of the bottle for ingredients. Because so many products on the market, are not all Natural or Organic for that matter. 
This is NOT one of them. This product does deliver all Natural and Organic. Great product to use. I would say anyone that is in their Twenties and on up. Should include this serum in their daily skincare routine. Make sure to exfoliate your skin! And always apply to clean dry skin. Day and night. And don't forget your décolleté needs TLC as well. The three main places on your body. That show mature aged skin. Are the top of the hands, Eye area, Neck area. give them some moisturizing too

DON'T SETTLE FOR SINGLE INGREDIENT SERUMS. Contains hyaluronic acid - Nourishes & hydrates - Leaves your skin looking younger & healthier! Contains 20% Vitamin C, Retinol & Olive Oil Squalene - Repairs/prevents damage from harmful UV rays Facial serum has Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) & Rosehip Seed Oil with powerful anti-wrinkle & anti-aging properties Contains Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang & Lavender essential oils which have soothing, aromatic qualities Smooths, soothes, protects & hydrates skin - Reduces appearance of wrinkles - Ideal for men & women - Comes with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee 
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