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Showing posts with label Super Deluxe Kit Under Cabinet lighting #Lightening #LED #amazon #Kitchen #LED. Show all posts

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Super Deluxe Kit Under Cabinet lighting #Lightening #LED #amazon #Kitchen #LED

LED Under Cabinet Lighting:

This has to be the easiest lighting under the cabinet system that I have ever set up. It comes complete with everything you need to have just the right amount of light. With the controls to dim it when needed.
I like that I it can be used with a dimmer switch. 
And it doesn't  have any glare, like when you have a TV right across from the light area. There is no glare that Because the lighting has opal diffuser so there is NO Glare,
This Company thought of everything when designing this product. It is a very unique design and works the way it was designed to do. It's easy to find dimmable led under cabinet light on the market, but there are some special things I like to point out about this model, like its unique design for inter grated dimmer switch, And the unique design for the L Type connector. That can be used in corner situations. Here is another great unique feature not many Led dimmer lighting system have. Interconnect cable is 6' length and that is a huge plus to this lighting system. So if you are in the market for a under cabinet led dimmer lighting system. Product dimension 72 x 0.8x 0.8 inches!! Extra bright make the space very vivid. Very easy to control the dimmer switch!! You just press the button of the dimmer switch. It comes with an easy instruction manual that also has photos.  
Like I mentioned it is easy to set up. Works great for me. This is an excellent solution for under the cabinet lighting in your kitchen or in any room your choose to install them in. for my cabinets they have a little bit of a overhang!! Made for a perfect installation for these very thin light strips.The strips and wiring are not visible at all, all wires are hidden. 

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