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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tula Urban Defense Hydrating Mist Review: #Skincare #healthy @Tulaforlife

Tula Urban Defense Hydrating Mist Review:

I found Tula to be a very nice and soothing spray to freshen up the skin with many benefits to the skin. 
The ingredients do speak for themselves. 
The ingredients are well thought out.. ingredients that went into this product are all natural. I am huge fan of using turmeric and rose water etc! And to have as a good anti aging product. I have said it before, I do believe everyone in their late 20s should start using 
Anti aging products. Because we all are exposed to so much free radicals, Sun damage and the list goes on and on.. And as all of our readers and subscribers know, we are a huge fans of natural healthy skin care products on this blog. making a good balance for our skin!!

And we are huge fan of keeping the body as healthy with a good diet and exercise program, and always taking a good quality probiotic!! 
Having said that I have a hard time believing that this skincare product has live bacteria probiotic in it.  But the other ingredients to me far out ways the probiotic in this skin care product to me.. 
So often the skin care world gets on a hype, that using an eye catching word to bring more attention to the products. 
Like for instance probiotic is very good for everyone in my opinion to take daily. But just by using this product by itself, I really don't want to give off the impression that this is a good way to take in a daily probiotic. So I personally must clarify that, Because I don't believe it is. 
But having said that I do really like and recommend this product to everyone For the other ingredients they use in this product like rosewater the turmeric, coconut water and so much more. 
I actually buy a lot of turmeric and rosewater at my local India store, love it for many uses. Like a good Anti Inflammatory plus I also use a lot of coconut water and oils

So I was happy to see these ingredients in this product, It will help your skin with redness and to help with prematurely aging of the skin, Inflammations is what causes all that. Inflammation causes a lot of problems in your body and skin, and we all have a lot of Inflammation. 
And I do believe with these ingredients, that are in this hydrating mist, they will improve your skin tone. 
Pollution has met its match! This nutrient-packed probiotic spray protects against heavy metals and other environmental toxins that prematurely age and irritate skin. Anti-inflammatory rose water, coconut water, and hyaluronic acid in this weightless moisturizer help to calm skin and immediately boost hydration. Specially formulated with multistrain probiotic technology: Micrococcus Lysate Clarifies skin Reduces redness Anti-inflammatory benefits Bifida Ferment Lysate Strengthens skin's immune function Helps to protect skin from UV free-radicals Reduces skin redness
PRODUCTS ARE FREE OF: Parabens Mineral Oil Petrolatum Phthalates Propylene Glycol NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

I have personally not tried any of their other products yet!! Other than this hydrating mist. But as far as the smell goes, This Urban Defense Hydrating mist has a very nice lovely refresh Clean smell, easy to cary around and spritz your face anytime of the day, On a clean face or you can use it over your makeup. Clean and refreshing
WHY IS IT DIFFERENT Our Urban Defense Hydrating Mist formula combines our proprietary multistrain probiotic technology, jojoba, liquid shea butter, brown algae extract, rose and coconut waters, and hyaluronic acid. This restorative spray works to boost skin’s immunity, calm inflammation, and immediately block free radicals before skin cell damage occurs. Our milky, moisture-infusing mist is not alcohol based, so it will refresh skin without harsh drying effects.

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