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Thursday, September 29, 2016

UPDATE: Still trying to heal from #injury, Just a reminder New Reviews and Giveaway Coming: #Fashions , Purses, Giftcards,

UPDATE: Just a reminder New Reviews and Giveaway Coming 

Sorry Posting has been a little Slow, But Still dealing with this major pinched nerve, In the neck, shoulder, Left arm, Never knew how painful it could be, Been doing Physical therapy 3X Week Now.
Working as fast as we can to get all these post out. Without hurting myself more! 

Miss all of you, and all of your Comments 

If anyone know any faster cure for healing this pain and inflammation? I am all ears, Please do share :
Cant wait to get better soon, Lots of pics and reviews, and giveaways to get posted on this blog :) 

As you all know we are a Little behind in getting out Giveaways and Reviews for all these fabulous Companies.
As you all know I have Injured my Neck and left Shoulder and my Left arm, So Dr. said I need to take it a little bit slower on the computer. Omg, who knew injury like this can be such a pain to heal.
And it just so happens my Dr. and all the staff, Have joined this blog along time ago, So trust me!! they will see all these post. 
So I am now going to physical therapy to get a lot better, For I can start using my left arm again etc, For I can start catching up on all these amazing Reviews and Giveaways for all these Companies.
That we love to bring to you all, You know us, they all will get done Real Soon!! You don't want to miss any of them. There are so many fabulous ones coming soon: Thank you, for all your sweet messages to me xoxo 

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Also ANOTHER Great fashion Company that we will be working with SOON, Clothing Styles and More.. 
You will love this NEW Company