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Monday, January 25, 2016

Viva Labs Organic Ground Flaxseeds for many health benefits

Three essential components of flaxseed that are good fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and lignin's fiber regulates our digestive health system, that is very important.. and can have many benefits including weight loss or weight management and skin health. I like to use mine on Yogurts and many other meals, I also prefer Organic non GMO kind, Plus these already come ground, it is very important to grind your flaxseed, If you buy it whole. Your tummy is your immune system. So by adding these to your everyday meals, you will see an improvement in weight, Digestive track, Immune system health, all around healthy for your body!! You want good ground flaxseed that has a nice taste to it, this Organic product does, and the importance of having Lignan's is, Lignan's are phytonutrients, high in antioxidants, that support immune system health and regulate hormone production levels. Lignin's also can improve breast and prostate health, lower menopausal symptoms and reduce stress, Now I believe they are your answer for a lot of people who needs more of this in their diet, I personally think we all will benefit from using Organic Flaxseed in our foods, Like we benefit from, Chia seeds, Probotics for gut health. They are so easy to just sprinkle some on your food daily. You won't even taste them, but you will get the benefits of using them daily for your health.. This Organic Flaxseed comes in a large package that is resealable. So keeping it fresh always and ready to be used. Product of Canada and cold milled ground flaxseed, doesn't get any better than that. No junk in it just all Organic, If you are not familiar with the Lignan, In a nutshell it kind of like mimics estrogen it is a plant chemical that mimic the hormone. you can find them in flaxseeds and sesame seeds. I like these ones a lot. I am not a Dr. but I just know how good they make your body feel 

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