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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Win 1 Pack a piece for 3 winners Bluapple 6/8

Bluapple review/ giveaway

Ok who has heard or seen this company Bluapple? lets start off with some about info on what this company all about. 

Bluapple helps preserve your produce freshness and save you money!
No one likes wasting fruits and vegetables, yet the average family of four throws away as much as $600 worth of spoiled produce each year, according to the USDA (it’s not all that hard to imagine when a single organic apple can cost $1.25).

We’ve created an easy way to preserve the edible life of your produce, so you have more time to consume it instead of composting it. The simple little product called the BluApple can extend the storage life of produce by as much as three times.

The BluApple works by absorbing ethylene gas, which is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables. If ethylene gas builds up in your food storage area, it speeds the ripening process and accelerates ripening.

We were inspired by the science applied for years to prevent spoilage in industrial environments like ocean freighters, trucks and warehouses and we created a consumer product that makes use of the same non-toxic active ingredient (sodium permanganate).

Each BluApple can absorb ethylene gas in a typical home refrigerator, produce bin or storage container for about three months (after that, refill packets are available). Simply place a BluApple where you keep your fruits and vegetables, and then sit back and enjoy  
them… for much longer



I would be jumping on their website and getting yourself the famous Blu Apple you will be so happy you did, you will save money and get to eat your yummy veggies and fruits, find info here 

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This is a great product for obvious reasons, we all love to keep our fruits and veggies fresh for longer. I have a pet peeve about lettuce always turning yucky brown color it never last in the crisper, until now the Blu Apple convinced me other wise it blew me away how it kept my lettuce green a lot longer, Trust me I really put this through major testing, because I didn't want sugar coat it if it didn't work that not me, I found it to work very well in all my testing, I tested different fruits for a couple weeks and different veggies for a couple of weeks, Blu Apple performed just like it was designed to do, I highly recommend it for everyone, this Blu Apple last 3 months they are refillable it is non toxic and easy as can be, and thank God its a Blue color that way you wont think its a fruit to eat lol this company was smart when they though about color, well that what I think at least xoxo 

  *disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.   

Here some other good news the company the bluapple is going to let you win 1 a piece for 3 winners. i know you will love them GL xoox

Big congrats to all three winners, send you all messages xoxoxo

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