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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Win 3 Acure Organic Products

Acure for your skin Review N Win

Acure has to one of the best all natural ingredients with a pleasant smell to their products company I know!! Now all my readers know I am a huge fan of organic natural skin products and makeup etc. But trust me just because it says all 100% natural doesn't always prove true in the ingredients!! You must always read whats in the products you put on your skin!! Your delicate skin takes in all those ingredients. 

But acureorganics To me stand behind their products and uses the best ingredients in all the products I have reviewed here!! I like that they think about the protection of our skin needs as everyone skin cell need to use all organic natural products to keep the skin plump and healthy. You can rest assure that Acure Organic our Free from Animal testing, Parabens, Sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, no Artificial colors or any harmful junky preservatives!! and if you wondering why that's important, Please take the time to google those ingredients and you will know how unsafe they are for your body. I see so many products that claim to be Organic all natural but yet they contain these bad ingredients that are not good for your body skin etc!!
This Brightening Acure Scrub should be on your list to use, your skin totaling will feel exfoliated and brighter and softer!! Organic Sea Kelp will do a great job exfoliating your delicate skin, This product once again contain amazing ingredients!! Such as French Green clay, Organic Lemon Peel will remove all the dirt and impurities from your pores! Yay!! While the Organic Chlorella growth factor and Argan stem cells will help stimulate new cell growth!! And that my friends is very important for a deep cleaning the Organic way!! Healthy skin is what you will see new healthy skin cells Brightening-Facial-Scrub
OMG!! I am in love with this Cell Stimulating  facial mask not only is it loaded with the best ingredient's again like the rest of Acure products I have been using!! But the quality of their ingredient's is right up on top for a fabulous mask!! It make your skin so soft and deep cleaned feeling you get from it!! Your skin cell will be very happy you used this Mask, It contains many fine ingredients like CoQ10 and Seabuckthorn is amazing plant used in many beauty products etc. Other ingredients are Moroccan Argan Stem Cells and Chlorella Growth Factor, French Green Clay draws out once again dirt impurities out of your pores, Leaving your skin moisturized from the Argan Oil etc. Fabulous  Cell Repair product Argan-Stem-Cell-Facial-Mask this is the Seabuckthorn plant

I feel like I am in what I call La La Land when using this product, I love the creamy texture and fabulous smell of this Acure body wash!! I am huge fan or virgin coconut oils and to add Pumpkin to this along with the Organic Argan Oil, Using only the best Organic Pumpkin rich in Omegas!! Time to boost those cell up love it  Coconut Pumpkin Body Wash
I have never really used a better leave in conditioner I really like the Citrus and hint of ginger spice scent. It seems to work very well on my curly hair. My hair seems to shine a great deal from the citrus and ginger, Yes this is a keeper as well, Just spray it in for a weightless moisture and protection for your hair will be more manageable Argan-Stem-Cell-Leave-in-Conditioner 
Dry Shampoo if you haven't tried one for those in between days from not washing your hair!! And by the way That is a good thing not to wash your hair everyday it can strips the natural oils from your hair. But if you are going to try one I highly recommend this one!! It contain fabulous ingredients and gives your hair a nice lift to it. I like to spray a little on the my bangs to give them a nice lift. I find when I want to put my hair up in a sock bun this works great to give my front of my hair some nice bounce to it! It is easy peasy to use and absorbs all the oil and removes the dirty grime without the use of shampoo and water etc. This product also contain my favorite CoQ10 and a Keratin boosting Moisture, Keeping the hair clean looking without leaving a sticky residue, very effective and super convenient!! Doesn't get any easier that this Argan-Stem-Cell-CoQ10-Dry-Shampoo   

Non greasy, contains Vitamin C, Argan Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Olive Oil, So I would say this light weight body lotion is amazing in its smell and hydrating the skin it is a win win. love it you can find all their Organics-Body-Lotions-and-Creams 

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I want you to all know I believe strongly in this companies products and what they stand for. I have been trying all these products out for months now, And I can honestly say they are 100% must have!!
I believe in trying to educate more younger groups to using better skincare and makeup!! And all people to throw away the toxic chemicals in the skincare that contain all the plastic and junk fillers that are not doing your body any good like these are junk!! 

Parabens. These are synthetic preservatives that are potential endocrine disrupters that can affect our hormone levels. Not a good thing messy with these

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These are harsh cleansing agents that can potentially damage the lipid layer of your skin and cause irritation, they will strip the skin natural oils levels which act as a line barrier, from viruses entering the body and dry skin!! It is best to steer away from these ingredients. Like don't use products that contain this stuff in them avoid them.

Synthetic Polymers. Contain residual it is all junk fillers they use in the popular skincare lines in your stores. I know sometime Natural Organic Products can cost more, But you also must think about long term expose to this bad junk you use daily on your skin, The skin soak it in. Trust me I could go on and on about the junk that's out there. But just start by reading the labels on stuff you use daily. Stay away from Formaldehyde is a know carcinogen!! just google that stuff and it will scare you all the bad reaction to using it. OK you all know I care xoxo

Now who is ready to win three of these products? Here  is how we will work this!! You leave me a comment and tell me if you won what three you would like to win!! I will then choose the three products you will win based on every ones choices!! Sound Good? USA only  Because this company is letting me choose the three products I want to giveaway to one of my lucky readers, Fabulous right? they are all amazing products to me!! Check them out but seriously you cant go wrong with AcureOrganic products xoxo
Big congrats to the winner!! I have sent you a message xoox

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