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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Win The MedCenter System with Talking Clock #healthyliving #health #sharingiscaring @MedCenterSystem #USA

I tested this out for about a little over a week now!! And it has worked right on schedule everyday!! And trust me the voice alarm is loud enough you can hear it even if you are not in the same room. Big Plus there :) I live in a large tri level home!! And if you don't respond immediately it will start repeating the alarm about every 5 minutes until you acknowledges it. Or get mad at it lol No seriously it works amazingly!! The date is given as part of the alarm so you know which pill box to use. The pill boxes are large enough to hold all of your medications even the large size pills. and you get a lot for your money!! The clock and alarm were easy peasy to setup with 4 seperate alarms you can use or turn off if you don't need them at all. See pictures below :) It has large colored buttons for alarm acknowledge to help know which button to push. That helps a lot the having it easy peasy to read!! Especially when you're sleeping and get wakened up!! You need large button and large numbers!! Who wants to squint at little number lol You will NOT have that problem with this MedCenter System, It can be bought with just the MedCenter Organizer that will allow you a full month's worth of medications!! And you can purchase the talking clock separate. But I say why would you want to do that? I think the whole set with the Talking Clock and the Combination of the pill Organizers boxes!! Would come in handy for the whole family uses! Does not matter what age you are!! This is a well designed product!! In my opinion this Company thought about every detail when designing this product.. that is needed for making sure it worked for all ages!! Great solution for many who have love ones that need to take medicines on a daily schedule!! You won't  have to worry about taking your medicine!! Or let's say for example you have a sick kid that needs to take a certain medicine 3 times a day. and you as the parent must remember the times they took their medicine. This medcentersystems Will make life a lot easier. Because you will know the time to give them the next dose. Because this loving clock won't let you forget. Yay!! Now you can rest peacefully knowing this techno gadget made your life a whole lot easier and less stressful :)

Doctors & Pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is crucial for managing your health. With the Med Center System, taking your medications on schedule, everyday becomes a party of your daily routine.

For the individual concerned about keeping themselves in good health, but needs a little help remembering when to take their medicine, MedCenter Systems has the solution. Now you can keep track of your medicine and avoid confusion about the proper dosage and timing. The MedCenter system emphasizes the "Date" rather than the "Day of the Week." This repetition of the "Date" helps ensure consistency, even if the user is unsure whether it is Monday or Tuesday.​ Millions of Americans do not take their medicines correctly. People simply forget to take them, are confused about when and in what amount to take them, or lack the personal organization to carry out the daily task. The MedCenter System has a suggested retail price of $74.95 with the talking LCD clock and $34.95 without it. Other products include: the Monthly Mini Monthly Organizer ($24.95), Traveler Weekly Organizer ($19.95), Daily Pill Organizer ($18.95), Daily Pill Organizer with Alarm ($28.95), and 5-Alarm Sport Watch ($24.95). More products can be seen here:
Doctors and Pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is crucial for managing your health. With the MedCenter System, taking your medications on schedule, becomes a part of your daily routine. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? Set up to 4 Daily Alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A repeating friendly reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take. ("Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th.") Press the "Alarm Acknowledged Button" to confirm compliance and the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock tells you when the next daily dose is due. • TRI-DATE VERIFICATION: matching the visual dates on pill boxes and clock with audible alerts assures accuracy • TALKING ALARM alerts users when it's time to take medication • Set up to 4 ALARMS DAILY to alert you when your medication is due • LOUD & EXTRA LOUD sound settings ensure the alarm is heard • RED & GREEN COLOR CODING shows when daily dose is complete The Standard Pill Box (included in the MedCenter System and all other standard MedCenter organizers) has an individual dose compartment which measures roughly 15/16" wide x 1" long x 3/4" deep on the inside. Each Pill Box contains four of these dose compartments. Because pills and vitamins differ greatly in overall size, in order to better answer the question of how many pills / vitamins will each pill box hold, we calculated the amount of Advil® and m&m® candies would fit in each compartment and Pill Box: Standard Pill Box (16) Advil® per dose compartment or (64) Advil® total per Pill Box (10) m&m® candies per dose compartment or (40) m&m® candies per Pill Box 

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USA ONLY Win The MedCenter System with Talking Clock valued at $80 

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