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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Win a Iphone 5/5s/5c Vision Protective Shield #USA

Review of Konnet Vision Protective Shield N Giveaway


Why is this important because our eyes are exposed daily to many Techno gadgets! We either have a phone we stare at, or pads, laptops etc, Whatever they all have a great amount of ultraviolet UV Light that can cause the eyes to have problems!! Not just eyestrain but some serious problem from Cataracts, Near sightedness, and how often have your eyes and head hurt from staring at the screen of these devices everyday!! Not to mention dry eyes and Red eyes Well Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield help your eyes to focus without the strain on the eyes, Where a regular Protective Cover for your Technology Devices does not do that. Here is the info you need to learn about, Because our eyes need every bit of protection they can get. We wear Sun shades to help the sun rays outside!! 

 interworks-usa They have so many great products!! I wish their was a way to make these a lens for eye wear, How freaking cool would that be??? 

Very informative info:

Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield that protects your eyes from 99.99% of ultraviolet (UV) light with new advanced Patent-Pending UV Blue Light Deflection Technology with fiber coating that deflects UV blue light so it does not penetrate your eyes as you stare into devices, shielding your eyes from harmful UVt MAX that can cause cataracts, Myopia (near-sightedness), Macular Degeneration, headaches, Chloasma (skin pigmentation), wrinkles, dry red eyes and more..  Exclusively distributed by Interworks Unlimited, Inc., the Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield features the highest transparency available on the market so there isn’t a visible film on your device.  The Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield also delivers standard scratch, drop, and glare protection for devices, including iPhone 5, iPad, Galaxy, and others smartphones and tablets. I think that is a big plus!! 
UV Protection -- Far More Important than Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, or Even Tempered Glass  
Professionals in the fields of light energy and vision have known for years about the hazards that ultraviolet light presents to ocular health.  With the prevalence of blue-light LED displays found in smartphones, tablets and other devices and with consumers using these devices longer and more frequently, scientists are studying the long term effects and are offering solutions for maintaining ocular health.  The Vision Protective Shield is an essential solution available to protect eyes from harmful UV emissions from the screens of all electronic devices.  “The Vision Protective Shield is far more important than anti-glare, anti-scratch, or even tempered glass, because you can always replace your phone’s screen, but you can never replace your eyes,” Eric Lu, President,  Interworks.  “Our shield also reduces glare and is actually softer to the eyes to look at.  Even the lighting from my iPhone is not as intense as before.” 
Vision Protection Shield Used in Education and Sports 

Children, in particular, are at a high-risk to develop Myopia because of the extended use of smart devices in school and at home.  25% - 50% of children develop Myopia in American and European countries, with up to 80% of children from Asian countries developing near-sightedness.  To combat this, schools such as Taiwan’s Education and Science (in cooperation with the Ministry of Education) and Hong Kong International School have begun bundling the Vision Protection Shield on tablets used at school, with positive feedback from teachers and children alike.  In addition to students, clear vision is also extremely important to athletes.  Because of this, the entire NBA Hong Kong organization now uses the shield with all their LED devices.  “I feel a big difference and my eyes are much more comfortable after using the Vision Protection Shield,” said Ritchie Lai, Vice President, Event Management, NBA Hong Kong.  

Easy Directions 
It is very easy to apply on like any screen protector is. It is perfectly cut to fit any devices just right, Scratch and drop resistant Protection for display!! I didn't not put that through the test lol, Follow the easy peasy directions. I also like how it doesn't distort my pictures or emails etc. I really like the health benefits to using this Vision Protective Shield

Vision Protective Shield Features:

 Filters out 99.99% of 380-400 nm UVt MAX emitted by the screens of mobile and computer devices.

·        Features advanced Patent-Pending UV Blue Light Deflection Technology.

·        Highest transparency.

·        Filters out light of various wavelengths.

·        Avoids lens mutations, can protect eyes from cataracts and Myopia.

·        Prevents blue light from harming the retina and avoids Macular Degeneration.

·        Prevents skin damage from Chloasma, freckles, and wrinkles stimulated by UVt Max.
·        Scratch and drop resistant protection for displays.
·        Perfectly cut to fit different screen sizes.  Models available for most phones and tablets.
·        Easy to apply.  


 IPhone 4/4S  iPhone 5/5S/5C  Samsung Galaxy S3  Samsung Galaxy S4  Samsung Galaxy Note II  Samsung Galaxy Mega  Sony Xperia Z Sony Xperia Z Ultra (LG Optimus G Pro  HTC One 

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Keep your eyes as healthy as you can by Protecting your Techno gadgets the right way, Will also protect your eyes from early damage xoxo 

Who ready to Win a Iphone 5/5s/5c Vision Protective Shield? Good Luck xoxo  

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Big congrats to the winner!! I have sent you a message xoxo

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