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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zizzy Bee Bags Review

Have you heard of this company called Zizzybeebags? Trust me you will want to learn more about this women who started her own business out of the need of helping keeping her kids toys picked up and you know what that's like if you have little one always taking out toys and mixing them up in a large pile of toys everywhere. you all know baskets and famous toy boxes take up so much room, I know we all have all used plastic bags to carry around our kids toys for entertaining as coloring books etc, Only to have the plastic bag rip and then the plastic doesn't stay closed, Come on you all know what I mean? Well not no more this sweet company found the best way to tote around many things, without worry about it being unsafe for small children, she created this fabulous mesh bag with zipper and handle to carry and hang any where, and a whole lot of love went into her design, Its one of those products you go why didn't I think of that lol 

Introducing the Zizzybeebags Can I get a drum roll

They come in different sizes and they can be sold in packs of  3 I believe this is their larger one 12 x12, Now right away when my kids seen it they thought of many things they wanted to put in it, so we decided to go to the beach and guess what came along?you got it miss Zizzybeebag the best things is these bags are washable, trust me my kids know how to collect those sea shells on the beach, and collect they did. I had to tell them they have enough, poor Zizzybeebags, I guess you can say it made a big hit with them, thank the lord its washable, I barely got to use it as much as the kids did. But as far as that goes its a keeper for my kids and me. 
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I recommend these Zizzybeebags I could think of tons of use for these, not only for the little ones or older ones, but for my own needs like carry my wet swimsuit around after swimming, throwing my delicate in to wash them in this bag, carry all my makeup in my tote bag, we all know totes everything gets lost at the bottom of the purse bag. but if you have it in the Zizzybeebags that wont be an issue, Check them out today, Well made bag build to last.

Take some time and read their story, so worth it 

I hope to bring you more from this company, I would like to review their whole line and do a giveaway xoxo

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.