Win $60 Needer Feeder Pets Bowl Set Review 6/6

Neater Feeder!
Who has seen or heard of this company Neater Feeder? I was blow away how great this Feeder worked, the best part is its made for all sizes for Dog, Cats, I love that the water bowl is extra Large because our pets need a lot of water like we do, and check it out this company Neater Feeder thought about colors as well as height they have  great colors, this is one of those products you go why didn't I think of that lol my dogie was being a chicken at first he was like heck no I am not trying that new Needer Feeder Bowl, until we left the room he went over to it and drank from it he is a funny dogie. I think this is an awesome product, lets learn a little about info on Needer Feeder.

Size Chart for your pet

How the Neater Feeder came to be:
Duke - The Original Sloppy Dog
For Duke, the third time wasn't a charm. We're not exactly sure what Duke did back in 2006 on that two hour drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore to convince his new owners that he was more than they had bargained for. Whatever he did, it was convincing. Duke was only two years old when his third attempt at finding a happy home failed (the couple from Baltimore returned him to the rescue shelter for German Wirehaired Pointers without ever getting him out of their car). Luckily for Duke and for us, we came along soon thereafter and Duke finally had a home.
It didn't take long to understand why his previous owners were less than impressed with Duke. He was a sweet and loveable dog, but he had a nose for finding trouble and absolutely no table manners at all. In fact, on more than one occasion we found Duke, all 95 pounds of him, standing on top of the dinner table eating the leftovers off the plates. We even caught him eating fried eggs out of the frying pan on the stovetop while they were still cooking! However, there was a silver lining in Duke's sloppy dining habits. The mess Duke and his sister Dakota made when eating and drinking would eventually inspire the creation of the Neater Feeder!
Mess Proof Pet Bowls  

I would say that picture speaks for its self. how many times have you cleaned up water from your floor? 


Medium Neater Feeders

Medium Neater Feeders are the latest addition to the Neater Feeder family of patented Mess Proof Pet Feeders. Our medium sized Neater Feeder dog feeders offer dogs weighing 15 to 40 pounds with 9-16" shoulder height a mess proof, pleasant dog dining experience. Medium Neater Feeders come with one 3.5 cup standard stainless steel food bowl and one 5 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl. Medium sized Neater Feeders are the best way to protect your floors and walls from water and food morsels your pet may leave behind. The Medium Neater Feeder also provides medium sized dogs and puppies all the benefits of an elevated feeder such as less neck strain and better digestion.


I highly recommend this Needer Feeder Bowl for your Dogs or cats make life a little easier work smarter not harder that's what I say this Needer Feeder Bowl can do for you. 
Fine more info here 
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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.   

Who ready to win one for a pet? you will need to leave a comment telling me what size and color you want, because the company and I will not email you for that info. Please leave comment on size and color of your choice, USA only giveaway run until 

Big Congrats to the winner, send you a message xoxo

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Anonymous said…
I need the red color medium size
ladylisa1 said…
Love this item! I would get the large in Cranberry for my dog
ladylisa1 said…
I would get the large in cranberry for my dog
Unknown said…
We so definitely need these for our 4 girls and foster dogs. To look at the floor around all the bowls you wonder how they can make such a mess (never mind when one of us accidentally hits a bowl and tips it ourselves).
Jill Jacoby said…
I would get the Medium in the Bronze color. It would work best for my two girls.
Willa said…
Small. Cranbetty.

I have one in bronze. Before that, the dog lined her food up around her bowl. Now it stays in the neater feeder.
TAZ said…
I would get the large in cranberry for my dogs
Sadie said…
I would like the medium in bronze for my dog.
Sadie B.
Anonymous said…
medium in bronze for my dog.
Unknown said…
Small in cranberry for my cats!
Jill Jacoby said…
Thank You! So excited to have one!
Anonymous said…
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Blue Marry said…
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Thomas Turner said…
Thanks for the information. I really like the way you express complex topics in lucid way. It really helps me understand it much better way. pets feeder bowl

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