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Valentia Skincare Review and Giveaway Hydrating Mask and EyeCream #skincare #Botanical #Organic #Natural

Valencia Power house Skincare the perfect answer to your dry skin problems. This hydration mask features a unique blend of amino acids and potent antioxidants, like Japanese Green tea and Aloe Vera, Loaded with Powerhouse Ingredients to reduce fine lines, increase collagen production, and fight environmental irritants. Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Sea Buckthorn Oil flood skin with vital moisture, creating softer more supple skin. Treat your delicate facial skin with nature's most nourishing ingredients, and Instantly restore radiance. You can't go wrong with using these amazing ingredients, I love that fact that this anti aging products is loaded with these powerhouse ingredients, that really prove to show results on your skin, Firmer and toned skin, I have been using this hydrating facial mask and have seen good results, I like how it gives my skin a luminous look, it is a nice mask with no burning. Very easy to apply, You can see in the picture below, It is a nice rich gel kind of Cream, That goes on easily, and you leave it on for about 25 min's or 30 min.. This mask is very different from Other mask, not a peel off or a cracking kind of mask, just a soothing mask. You wash off and your skin feels like it just got a facial, I also like that I know my skin is getting a lot of healthy ingredients, because our skin is the biggest organ on our body, and the face will soaks in the products. That is why it is very important to use organic natural products. I am big fan of using anti aging products, I personally think when you reach the age of late 20s to early 30s you should really start to take better care of your skin. Because as we age are skin start to show all the damage that the Sun, Environment, Bad Habits, Bad Skincare Products have done to it. Collagen start to break down as we age, You Start to seeing Hypigmentation, Signs of wrinkles, Sagging skin, Uneven Skin tones, So It is so much better to start early using these kind of necessary products. 

This eye cream is awesome for helping nourish and protecting the delicate skin around the eyes, It is loaded with all the special ingredients to help tighten the skin from getting bagging skin, such as small wrinkles. The powerhouse ingredients arnica is well know to help heal bruises, So that should also help with dark circles to lighten them etc. and Rose hip oil is an amazing Oil for many skincare issue, I use Rose Hip serum every night. I found this eye cream to work just like it was design to do, I like the smell of this product, I like the amount of Moisturizing it gives around the eye area, and how it can relieve the puffiness from lack of sleep or just on mature skin etc, Like anything else you need to be on top of cleaning your skin everyday, For sure remove your makeup every night, and by using this eye cream for wrinkles and puffiness, You will see results in time, Skincare takes time to do its magic Love this eye cream   Highly recommend this eye cream for dark circles and puffiness 
This eye cream is packed full of powerhouse ingredients to deliver results. We're firm believers at Valentia that skin care education is one of the best things we can share with our customers. Most of us want to keep our skin looking young and glowing (who doesn't right?) but which ingredients are going to get us the results we want? Well, just keep reading and we'll tell you all about ingredients that actually work. Astaxanthin: The reigning King of the antioxidants - please take a bow - this little guy has 600 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin C, increases skin moisture, smoothes fine lines , and restores elasticity to the skin. Resistem: or "Natures Miracles" as we like to call them. These plant stem cells work to repair damaged skin cells and protect the skin from stress related aging, leaving skin refreshed and renewed! Vitamin C: This standout vitamin helps treat multiple skin care and really brightens the under eye are. Your under eye area will feel firmer and look brighter. Organic Rosehip Oil: Dry and flaky under eyes be gone! Rosehip oil amps up skins moisture content, delivering deep nourishment and reducing the appearance of fine lines that can creep in when we're a bit dry under the eye. Arnica: This botanical herb has been widely used in homeopathic medicine for bruising and soreness which is why we chose it for our True Glow Eye Cream. It stimulates white blood cells to relieve dark circles and puffiness. I always say whatever you put on your face, Read ingredients and ones you don't know about google them, It is important to know what you put on your Skin, Every one is always looking for the fountain of youth in a bottle, Seriously you can have youthful skin if you take care of your body and skin! Not only what you put on your Skin, but also what you use on your skin, and cut out the bad habits that dry out your skin. Good Luck in the giveaway 

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