Friday, July 15, 2016

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Trolley bags Review and Giveaway: 

First off these trolley bags are well designed and stitched well together.They close by Velcro attached by Velcro. They come in different sizes and colors as seen in the Video and Pictures, they'll hold a lot of groceries. And can be individually used! 
Trolley Bags Original are a system of four reusable shopping bags that are used to pack up all your groceries and household needs, cosmetics etc..   
In one simple action the Trolley Bags system spreads out and rests on the supermarket carts, giving you a series of open and upright four bags into which you can pack and sort all your goods with both hands. 
Each durable bag holds a lot of stuff, and are designed to make shopping trip easier and more convenient. 
The simple system can half the time at the checkout as packing is quicker and easier without the hassle of holding bags open. 
Allowing you to fill them with your groceries as you walk around the supermarket etc. 
They work great for us ladies for cosmetics. I can't tell you how many times a lipstick or eye pencil would fall out my cart at the stores. Not any more with these trolley bags. They can't fall out. Now that is a plus. Because the way the carts are designed every little item falls through them. 

  • Set of 4 heavy-duty reusable shopping bags
  • Bags sit inside of the trolley making them perfect 
  • for scan-as-you-shop or packing at the checkout
  • Roll up into an easy to transport and store bundle when not in use.
  • Ok, but a few things I didn't like about these trolley bags. Now I don't know if it's just the stores in USA or just my local stores. But I found going down some of the isles in the store the sticks on the bags would hit the items in the way. I personally think if the rods would be less sticking out. That would have been better feature on these trolley bags, So going down the supermarket isles can be difficult. 
    Plus the USA cart are made different than UK I am assuming that. Because my cart does not have a hook on it to hook the bag on the outside of the cart. 
    Having said that, I really do like them, For Packing and Sorting stuff. The different colors of bags and sizes is a huge plus in these trolleys bags!! 
    Just some changes could be made in the design in my opinion. 
    They are a bit heavy when full. But hey that is to be expecting with all the content you buy lol. they Velcro and un Velcro to stack them in the Car etc. 
    They roll up and Velcro closed to store them in your car trunk. Well that is where I placed them. That way they are always handy when I need them. They take up no room at all. Making them easy to store. Reusable and convenient . Environmentally friendly!!  

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