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Review pHurwater Cleanser:

Seriously, how many times have you used Cleaning products, and either got a headache or got a sneezing fit or worse etc? I am super prone to Chemicals and even some green products, it kicks in my asthma. I hate asthma so much, so I use only Natural Organic products. I have to tell you, I used this products everywhere this weekend, And it cleaned up so well... and there was NO reaction, So it is a win win in my book.
So when phurwater.com contacted us to review their products. Oh heck yea, We were all ready to try this out. It comes Complete with everything you need to get Natural Cleaning going, as see in the pictures. 
Like any cloth for cleaning don't  use any fabric softer on it. I don't use fabric softener at all. 
To many chemicals in them. Better to live naturally and Clean, Phur,
Phurwater is made with just two ingredients - water and salt. No toxic chemicals, fake scents, colored dyes or bogus botanicals. pHur will kills odor-causing bacteria rather than covering it up.
It is all in the pH at a high pH, PHur Cleaning Water becomes an incredibly effective alkaline cleaner that will leave NO residue behind.
At a stabilized neutral pH, Phur Disinfecting Water Kills bacteria on contact, imitating the natural solution our bodies create to fight infection.
And now that the weather has changed, Colds and flu season is here. What better time to use Phurwater
It is also safe to disinfect your Kids toys and bedding etc. I also like that it leaves no nasty film and sticky residue.
You seriously will be spraying down everything around your office and home. Clean and pHur!!
And they seriously need to use these product in all Dr. Offices and Hospitals in my opinion.
Hospital and Dr. Offices are a huge feeding ground for viruses and bacteria.
I once got pneumonia while being in the hospital. I was shocked to get it. But found out, it is not uncommon to get pneumonia in a hospital. Yucky!! Did you also know you have so many germs on your remotes for your electronics, in your home and office. 
Think about how often people use them and they never get cleaned. Talk about yucky!
So start using Natural Phurwater Products, Why use and not pure? It's in the pH. At the right levels, water has powerful cleaning & disinfecting properties. 

Using salt as a catalyst, softened water passes
through a proprietary electrolytic cell, exchanging
ions to create two unique waters. 

• an alkaline, multi-surface cleaner
that leaves no residue behind

AND the other
• A disinfectant with a neutral pH that kills on contact, and is remarkably, the same solution our bodies create naturally to fight infection. 

Organic cleaning disinfecting agent, pHur, the website is phurwater
Water + Salt + Science became pHur’s magic formula. And thanks to painstaking, multi-year testing, it was registered as a proven disinfectant with the EPA on both Federal and State levels.
It is already making a difference in the Health care industry, replacing multiple toxic products used in hospitals with our alkaline cleaning water and natural disinfecting water.
Now, pHur is coming home. Starting in California, pHur Cleaning and Disinfecting Water can be shipped to doorsteps every 30 days, and in select counties, a certified pHur technician can electrostatically disinfect entire households. Both options give consumers the option to live naturally and live clean.
It is the first cleaning agent of it's kind and perfect for holiday cleaning. Who interested in winning? Enter to win phurwater

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