Thursday, July 27, 2017

5 Bottles Beetology Cold Pressed Juices plus T-shirt @beetology #beetology #giveaway #usa

How many times have you wanted a healthy juice...But you noticed they are chuck full of processed sugars, artificially flavors, full of calories. and not healthy for you at all. These five Beet juices are non diary, No soy in them, and certified kosher. Non GMO, Organic Certified, USDA approved, and fair trade. No artificially flavors, No Aspartame, We would like to introduce you to the NEW Beetology Beverages: Simple Nutrition- Packed Juices Made from all Natural Organic Superfood- Beets, Organic and Cold Pressed In the five varieties seen in the pictures. New healthy choices, with all Natural Organic Beet juices, Beetology Beverages have Loads of Nutrition Packed in their Juices, Made From all Natural Superfood Beets. Kayco is the leading Kosher food distributor in America. Keep your energy up and keeps you healthy, win win  

Made with the finest healthy ingredients. and that my friend is worth drinking. The benefits of eating beets and juicing beets has been around for a long time. But to bottle it with some other powerhouse ingredients makes it a lot more healthier. Great for those who suffer from high blood pressure, They do have a variety of organic healthy juices, all five that are mentioned here.
Beets / Ginger/ Lemon, Beets/ Berry, Beet / Cherry
Beet / Veggie, Beet / Tropical Fruit. 
I know you have to be thirsty now lol. These flavors go great together nicely. having just the right amount of flavor, and we couldn't even taste the beets lol. But we do love the taste of beets so these are yummy.
I do know the benefits of Beets, trust me I take some everyday, because of a rare blood disease, it helps my platelets do their job they are suppose too. Plus I am getting benefits for my skin, body and all around health. This is a much better way to get the organic beets juices in you. I don't know about you, but I tried juicing organic beets etc. and you need so many of them just to make a glass of juice. Plus finding all natural organic beets in my area is a challenge at times. 
Here are some benefits to consuming these beets juices. Please note I am not a Dr. but I know a lot about health and natural homeopathic uses, actually my Dr. always tell me I could teach a class on natural organic cures. OK, Here are some of the benefits to using beets juices in your daily drinks, Will help maintain Healthy Blood Pressure and Normal Blood Flow, also assist in Bone Development and Healthy Functioning Kidneys Support the Immune System, helps to maintain Normal Glucose & Cholesterol Levels, Promote Normal Cell Growth and Keeps your Eyes & Skin Healthy.
Improves Iron absorption and maintain Strong Healthy Teeth and Gums, Support the Digestive System and you all know this blog is for all healthy choices. 
We all personally think these beet juices are amazing In taste! Flavor, We are super jazzed there is No yucky after taste. Because we hate anything with after taste. Beetology blended mixes of beets juice and some other healthy organic fruits.. With these Healthy Organic Beet juices, you will be getting loads of Nutrients and Anti-oxidant power, in every one of these five juices. Healthy and a must have for all ages

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