Monday, September 25, 2017

5 Essential Natural Oils White Misty-portable-diffuser #Giveaway 70$ #essentialoils #diffuser #USA

Essential oils are an must have for many reason. from health to beauty.... this ultrasonic-diffusers will be you new best friend, Seriously it has been so hot here, and to have a nice mist on your face with rose water is so refreshing, and another huge bonus for makeup and for the skin, Keeping your skin moist and glowing...this little misty-portable-diffuser is great for traveling with, carry around in your purse and car, Portable with USB cable, The technology that is used in this Misti is ultrasonic waves that convert the hydro sol into a very fine mist, fine mist in the Misti is diluted into the air. just breath in the beautiful aromatherapy of rose water. Plus Rose Water is very beneficial for your skin, great for keeping the skin youthful, I use Rose Water everyday, Rose Water is amazing for every ones skin type. you will see how nice a bright your skin gets, great to maintain your PH balance in your skin, this Misti makes it so easy to mist the skin with rose water anytime you want, It does not soak down your face, It is a very lite mist, you will love it.  I also used it for nighttime, it is very relaxing and give you a good night sleep...USB rechargeable, Sleek and very nicely made, very easy to use, fill it up and add your favorite drop of essential oil. Color blue LED Light when charged, red when needed charged, The charge does last awhile, it has a build in overheating protection in the unit, genius idea behind this design. You can use your own potable charger if needed, say your hiking up some hills, or walking a lot, riding bike, and you need the Misti to last a long time, just use your Portable charger you charge your other devices with, Technology baby!! 
They have amazing 100 % Pure Natural Essential Oils, they sale @ gurunanda 100 % Pure No Synthetics, additives, Non -GMO and you know those are top of the line for all Aromatherapy!! This company has their own natural farm for oils, and so much more. They sale, Essential Oil in singles, Oil Blends, Exotic Oils, Huge set of Essential Oil Sets, Essential Oil Diffuser kits, Essential Oil Diffusers, Carrier Oils, and one of our favorites, Oil Pulling, Roll on Essential Oils another must have, and the list goes on with Accessories, Check out the
about page very informative, great place for all your needs, 100 % Pure.. omg, they have amazing diffusers

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GuruNanda "Misti" is a portable, battery operated purse friendly diffuser. Use Organic Rose water with it to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Rose water that refreshes, revitalizes, hydrates and tones your face and skin


  • Easy to use, just add rose water.
  • Color LED light
  • Overheating protection
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Includes USB Cable

  • misty-portable-diffuser

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