Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Win NeoCell NEW Collagen Chews, Collagen Mask and Collagen Serum @NeoCellHealth #Giveaway #US

NeoCell products are well designed for quality to help build Collagen, Strong bones, benefits are great. This brand  Neocell has a line of products focused on Skin Care, Nails and Hair and all things beauty related, One of their main ingredients is to help build up Collagen with these Beauty Chews. 
We have been trying Neocell New Hair, Skin, Nail Beauty Chews.. These are NEW Collagen Soft Chews with Biotin, and Vitamin C. They have a nice flavor, That does taste good. No nasty after taste in these, they are Gluten free, no artificial flavors... Collagen helps to rebuild the Skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrate the Skin. Vitamin C is a Collagen Enhancer. Biotin is pessary for the Hair, Skin,and for sure your Nails etc... These ingredients will  help you to look fabulous with healthy skin. 
The recommended use is 1 chews daily. We were super happy to see we only needed one soft chew daily..
have been taking these for about a month, and I am very happy with the results. Seriously my Nails and skin do look more hydrated and healthier. especially as the weather here is changing.
Plus my nails really do seem to be looking amazing, they were not looking good for a while, I started these Beauty Chews and could see a difference, so that is win win!! One soft beauty chew a day, the results you will get from these is more vibrant youthful Skin, Nails, Hair, Because they are packed full with the necessary ingredients to maintain healthy Skin etc. giving you total radiant beauty, and overall body wellness. 
We were pleasantly surprised in these Beauty Chews. They have no nasty after taste, big plus there. after all you do have to like them to take them, you get 30 beauty Soft Chews. 

Biotin 6,000 mcg great amount of Biotin in every Beauty soft chew, Only 20 calories per Chew, again the ingredients list is impressive, sometimes when you buy these types of Nail, Skin, Hair chews, they are loaded with a nasty after taste, Happy to say this NEW Neo Cell Soft Chew do not have any nasty after taste.. 


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