Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Win #Professional Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit #giveaway @novashinesmile #TeethWhitening, #USA $60 dollars kit

All you need to do is check every social site, and see everyone wants that amazing beaming white smile :) That a Professional Teeth whitening Kits gives you.
It will fore sure make you feel more attractive, and will make your selfies look fabulous and on point!! 
Seriously, who doesn't like to see a pretty beautiful smile, Right? Everyone feels better when they have great looking white teeth to show off.
Time to get those teeth in check. Lots of selfies and family Christmas photos will be taken. and you know you want those pearly whites to shine in your pics. 
So Please let us introduce you to the New way to whiten those teeth. 
With novashinesmile you will be using the power of your own phone to whitening your teeth. This little blue light works with your phone. We must say this is very convenient for whitening your teeth. Plus the whitening solution is so gentle on your teeth, we found the teeth whitening gel to have no bad effects, we experience No sensitivity at all.
We all know that some whitening products can cause temporary tooth sensitivity, especially as the whitening gel undergoes its natural process from active to inactive, the tubules are left open and exposed, known as dehydration. 
The tubules are quickly remineralized by organic material found in saliva. During this time it is important to avoid consuming any food or drink containing colors. Like coffee, teas, juices, that will mess with the teeth whitening process up..... also smoking, and taking antibiotics are a no no!!! Avoid them if you can until the teeth are completely rehydrated, other wise they do absorb any color of food or liquid they are exposed to. that being said you are better off sticking to Water, or clear type of liquid, just until the whitening of the teeth can settle down and rehydrate, it almost reminds me like when you dye your hair, The hair shafts are open and easily exposed to the sun or anything you put on your hair. kinda like that. you need to lock in the color, before you expose your hair to other things.
Seriously, looking to brighten up your smile... you can benefit from using a professional teeth whitening system, like anything else being consistent will give you better results, Please note these are Not custom trays that mold around your teeth. To give you those personal teeth impressions.. However the material they use is very easy to cling to your natural teeth, giving you a better professional teeth whitening experience, easy peasy to use and to clean. 

Refill gel available on their website for $29.99. Here is a link to this product: teeth-whitening-gel

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Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite down lightly. The whitening gel should make contact with your teeth evenly. You can also apply whitening gel to your teeth directly using a swab.

Connect the mouthpiece to the USB attachment, choose correct USB and connect to your phone. You should see the mouthpiece light up. Relax for 10 minutes for maximum results you can use light up to 30 minutes.

We are registered with the FDA and our teeth whitening gel has been made specially for easy-usage to create a satisfied customer. It is 100% safe for enamel with less sensitivity.

The latest cold light technology is proven to be safe and effective. Our smart mouthpiece is designed to make sure your teeth are all nice and evenly whitened with convenience. Just plug in your phone! Check out the question and answer page faq  

Refill gel available on their website for $29.99. Here is a link to this product: teeth-whitening-gel

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