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Please let us introduce you to thetouchpointsolution TouchPoints, are non-invasive, neuroscience wearable that use patent-pending BLAST technology (bilateral alternating stimulation-tactile) to relieve stress, anxiety, and focus issues enhancing performance and sleep.
The alternating vibrations are designed to override the body’s Fight, Flight or Freeze (F3) response to stress and restore homeostatic nervous system functioning allowing the user to think clearly and experience calmness. TouchPoints are designed to improve self-regulation and have been shown to reduce stress by 71% in just 30 seconds. 
They work with your body stress levels and more, The genius unique design is in the vibrations, you will notice they start to alter the body to calm it down, and your brain gets a signal to relax and take your mind to a state of calmness, it almost like when you need to calm yourself down, you start to think of something that makes you happy, or you become aware of your breathing etc... 
Well these Touchpoints work so much better than your imagination etc.. You just use them for 15 minutes or use them for longer, basically until you feel they are making a difference. We think you will see a difference, we had some major stress incidents with the big fires that took place in our area when we started to test these out..  Needless to say it was very stressful time, we started to wear these for the high anxiety we were feeling.
They did start to calm the the anxiety down a bit, 
We would recommend these for a variety of other reasons. Very easy to use, With this basic models of touchpoint you do not have to use an App to control them. 
However we do feel that an App would be much better in some situations... like for instance we work with foster children that have behavior issues etc, that at times can be a serious issue with their angers, or their depression moods, And many of these kids had mothers that had a drug addition problems while they were pregnant with them. 
So sometime there are some challenges for them to overcome etc. So this is where we believe if these Touchpoints where controlled via a phone it would be easier for us...who work with these kids. Because yes, you could put a watchband on the kids arms, Or clip them to their clothes... however some kids would not like you touching the watchband, Clips... to turn on the Touchpoint in our opinion. 
But if they were wearing the Touchpoint either by a watchband, or a clip to their clothing.
We do feel they would be fine to have them on them, and to turn them on via the App.

However Kids that don't mind you getting into their personal space, would benefit from the Touchpoint single-person-touchpoint-basic models, We think this is an amazing break through for this type of use of the Touchpoints.. Touchpoints may be used as a good alternative to medication for ADHD, ADD, They are NOT a medical device... What they do is emit vibrations, and in know way are they invasive. 
They do have a lot of positives to wearing them. And also if you need a peaceful night sleep, like we all need to get are beauty sleep in. Seriously there are many people who can't fall asleep at night, So by wearing these for a bit before bed, your mind and body will start to sleep better, and that my friends is a huge plus for your daily life..  No medication needed. Not sure how long the battery last, as there is No battery signals on the basic touhpoint model. I assuming you could carry a back up battery if needed. 

How they work, you must have one on your left side and one on your right side. They need to be charged via charging cables.
They then are ready after charging, you can change in between the speeds, basic model has three speeds, Slow, Medium, Fast, They come in a variety of trendy colors, for everyone taste. They can be worn via the clips that are included in your Basic Kit, again you need to wear on both sides of your body, Can be worn on shoes etc.. watchbands are not included, However they do sale them on their website,  touchpoint-basic-kit Check the colors in pics below. 

They also sale on their website the Original kit that is controlled via an app on your phone, that offers some more extra details. Check them out

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Better Living Through ! TouchPoints are neuroscientific wearable devices that can alleviate 71% of in 30 seconds! 

    • One set of TouchPoints basic (2 individual devices to be worn on each side of the body)
    • Clips to attach TouchPoints to pockets, sock, or shoes
    • Couplers to attach watchbands and charging cables

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for FREE I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Watchbands not included in this giveaway, may purchase separately on their website, or use your own :) 

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