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Thank you for visiting Our Razzle Dazzle Styles Blog!  As you know, Razzle Dazzle Promotions provides you with GiveAways! Contests! Lasted trendy Product Reviews etc!  

Hello, My name is Marjorie. I have been hosting product reviews and giveaways since the day my blog was created 2010, I have worked with over 600 plus companies!! Over 2000 Products!! I have reviewed various products to name a few, Skincare, Organic products, High end makeup companies, Housewares, Kitchenware's, Kitchen appliances, Electronics, fashion, Men's wear, kids, bedding's, Shoes, Pet items, Accessories, Tools, of all kinds, I'm sure you will want to join our satisfied Companies we have reviewed for!! After you've perused all brands and products we have done review for. I also am a product ambassador for varies Companies and a music reviewer for a few Music Companies!! I review for Bestbuy, Tomoson Pr, Amazon, BHG, Oprah, Influenster, BzzAgent, Nicolelee, Zipzshoes, Nike, Depending on the product I will have a complete review in 2-3 weeks after the product is received with photos etc. My reason for the time span is to give proper amount of time trying the product out as well as giving certain items a chance to work like skincare can take a while etc! Sometimes reviews can be done a lot sooner it all depends on the products that are being reviewed.
Why choose to work with Razzledazzlestylesblog? My Reviews and Giveaways are sent out to all social media outlets and always include back links to Companies website etc.. My giveaways run for 14 days unless company request more time!! I have two of your Social Sites on the Rafflecopter for my readers and umv can follow your Social Sites. I also encourage my readers to tweet out the giveaway along pinterest, google plus, Facebook, Instagram, any other place they want to sent out the giveaway too. That way giveaways gets a lot of traffic.
I also ask if Companies want to post the giveaways on their own Social Media Site. I would encourage that as well. I do require a full size product Not Samples!! I also shoot a lot of my own photos!! Unless companies request only their photos. Either way works for us!! I also accommodate a companies and try to gain them more audience. Plus I have a very good re pore with all my Companies I have worked for!! I like to gain their respect in my work to call me back again to work together again!! 

Companies that are interested can contact us on our Contact button found on the right side of the blog!!  Looking forward to working with your amazing companies out their!! We market hard and we market everywhere bringing your product to all people around the world for all eyes to view. xoxo 

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