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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Remington Hyper Flex Rotary Men's Shaver Series XR1470 Review

New Remington Hyper Flex Rotary Men's Shaver Series XR1470 
It give you a very close, shave with no razor burn. It is light weight in the hand!! It seems to hold a charge quite well. On the back side is the side burn pop up trimmer, Ergonomic handle is extremely easy to hold and very comfortable and The digital indicator shows the amount of shaving time that is remaining on the battery charge. The count down starts at 60 minutes. I also like the fact that it only takes 90 minutes to fully recharge this Hyper flex razor. 60 minute run time is awesome, large digital LED display tells you how many minutes of run time you have left!! this charger stand is different from other ones I have seen. You kind of snap the razor into the charging base. It is easy once you get use to it. Really!! The entire heads pivots while the heads individually shaving heads tilt, Another feature my man liked, You can use this Rotary electric hyper flex razor in the shower, or shave with it dry. Wet to dry is always a huge plus. Clean up This hyper flex is great. Being a wet to dry type shaver, you just need to just pop it open and wash it out... Sweet!! My hubby loves that. And so do I, Because that means less mess lol My hubby thinks this is an OK hyper flex rotary shaver. He said there is good and not so good in it. It doesn't do a good job in the small area, That means in smaller areas that are above the lip, near the nose between lip and chin it can be harder to maneuver it around those small areas. My hubby thinks this works better on large area. As far as the wet to dry. I personally tried it with some women's shaving gel. It worked great. Gave my legs a very smooth shave. So it is a win with me. Hubby still not sure about it yet. Looks good, and the color that it comes in is very stylish!! Large rotary heads. Easy to clean. Bottom line here is the break down of this Hyper Flex Rotary Shaver
Stainless Steel Blades AC Cordless Operation Washable Precision Cutting System Ultra Thin Heads Shaves Hair With Different Lengths Power Series Rotary Shaver Flex And Pivot Action Pop-Up Trimmer Charging and Low Battery Indicator Up To 60 Minutes Operation Time Full Charge Time 90 Minutes Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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